Second Nature

It’s like second nature to me now – the lies, the deception. I can do it without batting an eye.

She asks me to swear I’ll never hurt her again. I say, “I promise.”

She tells me it’s not okay for me to put others’ well-being over hers. I tell her “I know. I won’t.”

She constantly asks me to stop and really listen to her and I tell her I’m always listening.

One of these days, I know she’ll get fed up and leave me forever.

She’ll pretend it’s all okay for a few days. But she’s never been too good at pretending, not like I am. When she finally cracks, she won’t have the heart to tell me. She’ll slowly inch out of my world, trying to make the transition easier for me. But she’ll be gone nonetheless, the broken girl in the mirror.

And when she is, I’ll know I’m screwed forever.


[This doesn’t go with the theme of my blog but I really like how I wrote this, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ]

6 thoughts on “Second Nature

  1. Wow😭

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  2. oh. my. god. this hit me hard😩♥️ vv true tho and i appreciate this a lot!!

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    1. thank you thank you thank you 💓


  3. i never replied sooner because I had to gather my thoughts about this, but i have to ask:
    what is this about? how does it reflect your personality?
    this post, for some reason, resonated with me more than any of your other posts, and i’d like to know why, from your side.

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    1. I think I’ve written this about a part of me that I think I lose every day as I evolve and grow up.
      I’m really touched that you think this is something that resonates within you as it does with me, because I think this is something that everyone, in some way or the other, relates to it.

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